personal performances 2018

I Know it’s a team game , but it all begins with individual performances, so for some interest, points win prizes:

Top 5 Performances Points Earned:

1. Wyndham Gravelle            24 points

2. Steff Williams                        22 points

3. Peter (piwi) Harries             19 points

3. Alun Davies                             19 points

5. Michael (Spud) Rees          17 points

Top 5 Performance %age (i.e. Points won for games Played)

1. Wyndham Gravelle               70.59%

2. Steff Williams                          64.71%

3. Alun Davies                               63.3%

4.Peter(piwi) Harries                  59.38

5. Chris(chips) Walters              57.14%

5. Greg(pegs) Davies                  57.14%


Glasgow Visitors

Our Glasgow friends have not deserted us , and are intending  to play us on the 4th May 2019, six rinks,  Glug, Glug, Glug. I have requested an open date from The league, and also asked Llanelli bowls club if their Green is available.