The Draws have been made for the Club Singles and Doubles Tournaments.


Jeff Richards bye


1 Peter Harris v Tom Williams
2 Alan Jones v Lyn Rees
3 Mel Davies v Clive Coles
4 Eldon Phillips v Jonathan Davies
5 Greg Davies v Gareth Jones

Jeff Richards v Dai Lloyd
Chris Walters v winner of game 1
Nigel Richards v winner of game 2
Herbie Morgan v winner of game 3
Wyn Griffiths v winner of game 4
Tudor Morgan v winner of game 5
Alun Davies v Neale Richards
Steff Williams v Andrew

First to 18 shots 21 for the final

First round to by played by 14th July
Second round 4 August
Semi 25 August
Final before 8th September



Clive Coles / Wyn  Griffiths
Gareth Jones / Greg Davies

2. Alun Davies/ Nigel Richards
Mel Davies / Neale Richards

3 Tom Williams / Jeff Richards
Steff williams / Tudor Morgan

4 Dai Lloyd / Chris Walters
Herbie Morgan / Andrew
Winner of this game will have a bye into the semi final

2nd Round

Eldon / Arfon v winner game 1
Peter Harris / Lyn Rees v winner game 2
Jonathan Davies /Alan Jones v winner game 3
Same dates as singles
18 ends and 21 ends for the final

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