Commenceement of Bowls

We can commence playing at 2pm 16th April
This is only allowed under strict guidelines due to Covid restrictions in place, no exceptions.
1) A maximum of 4 adults per rink and a max of 4 rinks in use, so 16 max on green.
2) Rink must be pre booked as we have to keep records for test and trace.
From 1st April you can do this via our Crusaders Whats App site and I will try to publish an updated list for each week so all can view.

The sooner people book a slot the better as we can then all see who is going to be available to have a game with.

I suggest everyone just text Name, Day, Date and time,

e.g Lyn, Fri 16th April , 2pm and I will add to list

From 1st Apr please only use What’s app for Bowls matters, no football, jokes or chit chat.
3) Rinks must be a minimum of 2 metres apart, we shall designate which to use
4)There is no access to the pavilion, change shoes etc on bench.
We will have to keep mats, jacks and markers in our cars.
As Alan has the mats and Jeff the jacks, then can they bring to green on 16th or give to someone.
As soon as there are any changes you will be notified, meanwhile let’s all play our part in making this work so we can all enjoy some recreation.
Park Wardens will be policing us

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