Resumption of Bowls at Dafen Park

Llanelli Rural Council have advised that Bowls can be commenced from 3rd August 2020 , but under strict guidelines.

Below is the main text from the Council on the management and arrangements required.

Graham Williams <>Attachments29 Jul 2020, 18:50 (17 hours ago)
to me, Andrew, Gareth

FAO Dafen Welfare CrusadersRef: Return to Bowls activities at Dafen Park.
Hello Lyn,As we discussed this morning LRC must have site and club specific risk assessments to be able to consider agreeing to a return to Bowls activities.
For examples of similar documents and various guides please see copies attached that include the Havelock and Peoples Park Bowls Covid safety protocol information we received from Llanelli Town Council. However if these were our facilities there are a couple of issues I would be seeking more detail and specific control measures on: 
First and most important point: I would be looking for a written risk assessment document. This would be the base document that produced the final safe activity protocol document. You can’t write a detailed safe system document without carrying out a risk assessment first. The risk assessment is a mandatory requirement for the return of all sports activities and detailed in the Welsh Government Coronavirus control measures for a phased return to sport.
If the team is proposing to use the pavillion facilities you would need to produce a robust risk assessment with control measures that mitigate the risks from Covid-19, however – generally sports activities at the moment are not permitted to use changing rooms. Any risk assessment and resulting control measures will need to include the ability to strictly and habitually manage numbers and and provide a managed and recorded regular cleaning regime for the equipment and facilities used. I’m not sure that “last one to leave” cleans down the switches, door handles and locks is satisfactory as a control measure and if the pavillion facilities are to be used at all a managed enhanced cleaning regime is essential.I have attached an example of a hall risk assessment. I realise this isn’t a hall facility but it is a community facility and the closest we have at the moment because nobody is using changing facilities. I’ve also attached for reference Dafen Cricket club and Pwll soccer club assessment for their return to play and various other documents for reference. I have also included a blank risk assessment document that you could use as a template.


Graham Williams miccm(dip)

Technical & Burial Services Manager

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Cyngor Gwledig Llanelli Rural Council, Vauxhall Buildings

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Besides our responsibilities on the Green itself they are particularly concerned about entry/exit of the changing rooms and the control of hard surfaces, door handles, light switches and equipment.

If as a club we wish to commence Bowls we would need to provide a risk assesment in conjunction with Dafen Bowls Club stating what arrangements are in place to manage and contain such risks.

In view of there being only 4-5 weeks left of the season is there still an apetite from a significant number of members to go down that route as some have already written off this year.

If so , someone from those who would wish to play will have to take responsibility for our club and provide the relevant risk assesment together with the terms under which we would manage the situation.

If anyone is planning on going ahead I do have a template of those used by Parc Y Dre and Havelock.

Bear in mind this would have to be aligned with anything Dafen Bowls may be proposing.

Any further information you require can be obtained from Lyn Rees 07780319760

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