Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting on Monday 21st March 2022

Main Purpose – Election of Chairman due to the passing of Melwyn Davies

Elected – Mr Alan Jones,    – proposed by David Lloyd, Seconded by Peter Harries

Dress code for season 2022 will be Greys except for Carruthers Competition – whites

Meeting closed

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of The Crusaders Bowls Club on 23rd November 2021 at The Stradey Arms , Llanelli.


Messrs. Mel Davies, Wyn Griffiths, Lyn Rees, Andrew Bragoli, Jonathon Davies, Alun Davies,Peter Harries, Alan Jones, Gareth Jones, Kevin Jones, David Lloyd, Eldon Phillips, Jeff Richards, Des West, Steph Williams, Tom Williams.

New members, Bill Hawkins, Darren Webb

Secretary’s Report – focused on a very successful season in a number of ways.

The successful move to Parc Howard together with the playing success achieved in gaining promotion to Division 1 of The Llanelli & District League and  becoming Champions of Division 2

 He welcomed two new members attending, Darren Webb and Bill Hawkins.

Looking forward he felt our members had reduced and we should be looking to attract a few more new members for the coming season

David Lloyd and Alan Jones were acknowledged for their fund raising efforts.

The Chairman was thanked for his assistance, wisdom and support during difficult covid times.

Treasurer’s Report  – highlighted the significant contribution from The Bonus Ball and sponsors.

There was a surplus of Income vs Expenditure for the season of £234, Closing funds stood at £2463

Chairman’s Address – Thanked all members for their loyalty and commitment to the club and in particular their playing efforts during a very successful season.

He stated he thoroughly enjoyed his role as Chairman and wished to continue for another season.

Election of Officers :  

                                  Chairman        Mr. Mel Davies

                                  Secretary        Mr. Lyn Rees

                                  Treasurer        Mr. Wyn Griffiths

                                  Captain           Mr. Peter Harries  ( prop Eldon Phillips, seconded Alan Jones)

                                 Vice Captain   To be chosen by Captain at start of playing season

Selection Committee 

                                   Captain and Vice Captain

Practice sessions      As many members to gather together on Wednesday’s 4pm

                                    Regular practicing was encouraged at any time convenient to individuals

Friendlies                  It was confirmed the Vets 2 rink on Thursdays would continue

                                   Also continuation of friendly with Pontyclun alternating home next season

Membership Fees – As the financial situation was healthy fees would remain at £30 for each member 

                                  plus A £20 entry into the Bonus Ball          

Bowls Website   It was agreed to continue for a further season and review again next year.

                             Our new member Mr. Bill Hawkins offered his services to administer the website

Matters Arising

Mr. Jeff Richards maintained that the Club had not conformed to the CONSTITUTION by changing the name of the club without holding an EGM of members.

This had not been possible during the long period of restrictions imposed by Covid.

He felt a minority had decided on the move which was not actually the case.

After the meeting the Secretary was later able to retrieve a What’s App Notification dated August 2020 informing everyone about the forthcoming move to Parc Howard and consulting everyone regarding the proposal for name change.

It stated that ‘should there be any objections then we would need to re-consider.’

No objections were offered from a single member including Mr. Richards.

 As the League required notice to proceed for the coming season it was agreed to proceed by the officers of the Club .

The policy will always remain to obtain a majority opinion on significant matters of importance to members.

At the end of the meeting, on behalf of members, Mr. Eldon Phillips thanked the officers of the  club for their efforts and commitment during the season

Meeting Closed 

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Crusaders bowls on 20th November 2019 at the Colliers Arms Pwll


Messrs: Mel Davies, Wyn Griffiths, David Lloyd, Jeff Richards, Peter Harries, Mikes Rees, Arfon Rees, Alan Jones, Clive coles, Staph Williams, Andrew Bagoli, Greg Davies, David Noot

Secretary’s Report – See attached

Treasurers Report – See statement attached

Chairman’s Address

Thanked everyone for their efforts during the season and emphasised how close we had become to achieving promotion only to fail at the final hurdle.

Thanked Mr. Alan jones for his fund raising efforts, particularly the “Curry Night” and the Saturday raffle.

Congratulated Gregory Davies on winning the club singles and Mel Davies/Alun Davies on winning the club pairs

Election of Officers

Chairman Mr. Mel Davies

Secretary Mr. Lyn Rees

Treasurer Mr. Wyn Richards

Captain Mr Gregory Davies

Vice Captain To be chosen by Captain

Selection Committee

Captain, Vice Captain, Skips

Practice Nights

Wednesday nights. Everyone urged to attend

Friendlies Rhiwbina – Sunday August 16th

Llanelli Bowling Club to be asked for use of their ground and club facilities

Future Developments

It was agreed to play our games on the Bottom Green Parl howard beginning season 2021

Meeting Closed

Secretary’s Report

  1. Season 2019
    League              Played 16 won 10 lost 6
    Friendlies          Played 2  won 1 lost 1
    Carruthers         Played 2  won 1 lost 1
  2. During the season both the secretary and Captain resigned and were replaced by david Lloyd and Gregory Davies respectively
  3. Congratulations to the Club Tournament winners
    Singles                Mr. Gregory Davies
    Pairs                    Mr. Mel Davies & Mr. Alun Davies
  4. Thanks to Llanelli Bowling Club for use of their facilities and to Richard & Sarah Fouracre for catering
  5. An open date has been requested for 13th June 2020 as 10 members of the team are on tour with Pontyclun
  6. May I offer my best wishes to the new Secretary and indeed all the best to the club for the come season
  7. Thank you