The Draw for 2021 Competitions involving Crusaders members            ( Dates to be confirmed)

OPEN SINGLES                                                Venue                       Play by Date

Clive Coles v Dean Howell PW                          (away)                         21st May

Greg Davies v Martin Watts BH                       (away)                         21st May

Steph Williams v Josh Hancock CAR                (away)                         21st May


Clive Coles + 1    v Steve Edwards LLi             (Home)                       3rd June

Greg Davies & Jeff Richards v Mark Driscoll KID  (Home)                 3rd June

Steph Williams & Nigel Richards v Nev Makin GM (Home)              20th May

OPEN Triples

Greg Davies/Jeff Richards /Mike Rees v Martyn Roberts LLi (Home)            2nd June

Clive Coles /    +2               v Anthony Pritchard PYD  (Home)            2nd June

Open Fours

Clive Coles + 3 v Nicky Collins KID                        (Away)                 1st June

Greg Davies/Jeff Richards/Mike Rees/Alun Davies  v Dean Howell PW  Home    15th June

Over 60 Singles

Clive Coles v Howard Tapscott KID                        (Home)               28th May

Over 55 Pairs

Clive Coles + 1  v Colin Davies CAR                       ( Home)             7th June

Alan Jones/Dai Lloyd  v King Jones Ldlo                 (Home)             7th June

Jeff Richards/Mike Rees v Nev Makin GM               (Home)             7th June

Over 55 Triples

Jeff Richards/Mike Rees/Alun Davies v Arnallt Evans TYB   (Away)            27th May

Clive Coles + 2 v Nev Makin GM                            (Away)           27th May

Over 55 Fours

Clive Coles + 3 v Robin Burden KID                       (Away)              8th June

Jeff Richards/Mike Rees/Peter Harries/Alun Davies v Brian Richards LLI   (Away)       8th June

2021 League Competition entrants are as below.

£2 per player entry fee will be collected from the following members who submitted entries.This amount is payable when requested by the League Competitions Secretary

Clive Coles £40, Greg Davies £20, Jeff Richards £18,

Steph Williams £6 Alan Jones £4

.Preparations for these competitions are based on play resuming as normal this year.

 Entries for 2021  to date are :

Open Singles                Greg Davies,  Clive Coles,  Steph Williams

Over 60’s Singles      Clive Coles,   

Open Pairs              Clive Coles/squad member

                                      Jeff Richards/Greg Davies

Steph Williams/Nigel Richards

Over 60’s Pairs        Clive Cole/squad member,

Jeff Richards/Mike Rees

                                     Alan Jones/Dai Lloyd

Open Triples            Clive Coles/ Squad members

                                    Jeff Richards/Mike Rees/Greg Davies

Over 60’s Triples   Clive Coles/squad members

                                  Jeff Richards/Mike Rees/Alun Davies

Rink/Over 55’s      Clive Coles/squad members

                                Jeff Richards/Mike Rees/Alun Davies/Peter Harries

Open Rink          Clive Coles /Squad members

                             Jeff Richards/Greg Davies/Alun Davies/Mike Rees

Clive Coles squad members – /From the following for various matches:

Dai Lloyd/Alan Jones/Eldon Phillips/Wyn Griffiths/Lyn Reees/Steph Williams