C armarthen County Bowling Association

Llanelli & District Bowling League

To the Secretaries of All Clubs:

County / League Meeting – 19th April 2021- Decisions

Following the Zoom Meeting held this evening, attended by 16 Club Representatives, the following information is provided to clubs.

Carruthers Shield matches

The following clubs will NOT be participating in this year’s competition:

Ammanford Town, Cross Hands, Cwmaman, Dafen Welfare & Tumble

Should there be any further withdrawals you will be notified accordingly.

Matches this year will be four rinks of three wood triples played over 18 ends. You are reminded that Lady players may NOT play in Carruthers matches. Matches cancelled are in red on the website.

All matches will be played in greys with club or white tops.

Llanelli & District League Matches

The format this year shall be 15 players per side made up of three rinks of four players and one triple.

The two opposing triples will play against each other with the remaining rink opponents being selected in the normal way. Should a team play short handed against a four they will lose 25% of their score.

The triples opponents shall play three woods each over a maximum of 18 ends.

If the number of ends to be played in the match is reduced (by agreement) to less than 21 ends then the triples shall also be reduced accordingly.

Promotion and relegation will take place at the conclusion of the season.

All matches will take place in greys and club or white tops thereby avoiding the use of changing rooms. (Should there be a sudden downpour of rain during a match then common sense must prevail).

If there are any changes made by the WAG, as to the numbers allowed on the green, we will act accordingly.

If your team is struggling to raise a side, please look at the Player Loan Scheme, details of which can be found on the League Home Page of the County / League Website

Additionally, where you might require to use an additional Lady Member above the allowance, please contact me so that the League Management Committee could consider the request.

RESULT CARDS WERE ISSUED IN 2020 – I hope you can find them!!

At present there is no likelihood of holding the Festival Week. Again, should changes be forthcoming the matter will be reassessed.

Spacing of Rinks

Due to reduced numbers playing in Carruthers matches there is no requirement for gaps between playing rinks, however, in the case of the League format there must be at least a one metre gap between playing rinks.

In both formats, players must adhere to social distancing and those not in the process of delivering a bowl or controlling the head, must retire to the bank or in the case of short jacks – retire away from the playing area

Tumble Bowls Club

It is, with regret, that we have been informed of the closure of Tumble Bowls Club. First Division Secretaries may wish to look at their fixtures and possibly rearrange a Wednesday match to a Saturday that they were scheduled to play Tumble. If I can help in this matter, please contact me. Any changes must be notified accordingly.

There is no requirement for registration of players this year, however, clubs are requested to respect the principles behind the rules.

May we wish you the best for this year

Peter Dunkley

Hon. League Secretary

John Phillips

Hon. County Secretary


At very short notice and In order to commence playing we have had to provide a risk assesment and a submission of the rules under which we will operate after receiving guidance from the local authority.

Crusaders Bowling Club


ONLY those members who agree to the following tight restrictions will be allowed on the green. Those who do not agree must wait until government restrictions are lifted.

The Pavillion

Under no circumstances is access to the pavillion allowed.

The Green equipment will be retained by the club and distributed at each practice session. Sanitiser wipes will be available.

General Movement

Extra care should be taken about touching surfaces ,mats , jacks and rink markers.

Hand sanitisers will be provided on the green.

Attendance Record

Before any play can commence all members must pre book a time slot through the Website ( Whats App ) to record date ,time and the persons they will be playing with.

Members contact details and visits to the green will be maintained by the Club Secretary as a back up copy for test and trace.

If any member experiences symptoms then he must self isolate and contact the Club Secretary via text or phone.

Social Distancing

Members must obey government advice on social distancing.

No hand shaking or high fives are allowed.

Regular hand-washing is encouraged, use the hand sanitisers provided.

Playing the game

You should only play

– By Yourself

– with people from your own household or

– with a number of people from one other household as long as

you stay two metres apart

Up to a maximum of four players can use a rink at any one time. Each must keep to the Social distancing rules.

Only one player should handle the jack.


To minimise the risk of infection only essential equipment should be used.

This is limited to Mats, Jacks, Bowls, Rink Markers.

A Bowling Arm is also allowed ( for use by only one person)

BOWLS – Each player must only use his own bowls

Bowls must not be passed between each other during play

The practice of spitting on hands before bowling is not allowed

If a cloth is used prior to delivery it must not be shared with anyone

JACKS – If two players are practising together , each should be responsible for

their own jack.

Alternatively only a single member on the rink should handle the jack

Sanitised wipes will be made available to clean the jack at the end of play and keep safe for the next session of play.

MATS – Only one player should handle the mat during a playing session.

Again this should be wiped down after use.

Equipment not deemed to be essential at this time are;

Bowls pushers, Ditch Markers, 2m distance sticks, Chalk, Measure.

MEASURE – No measuring allowed

RINKS – A gap of one rink should be kept between rinks in use until further


Use rinks 1/3/5 or 2/4/6 in sequence


The Club acknowledges the guidance and advice given by the Town Council and has agreed to operate within the guidelines outlined.

Commenceement of Bowls

We can commence playing at 2pm 16th April
This is only allowed under strict guidelines due to Covid restrictions in place, no exceptions.
1) A maximum of 4 adults per rink and a max of 4 rinks in use, so 16 max on green.
2) Rink must be pre booked as we have to keep records for test and trace.
From 1st April you can do this via our Crusaders Whats App site and I will try to publish an updated list for each week so all can view.

The sooner people book a slot the better as we can then all see who is going to be available to have a game with.

I suggest everyone just text Name, Day, Date and time,

e.g Lyn, Fri 16th April , 2pm and I will add to list

From 1st Apr please only use What’s app for Bowls matters, no football, jokes or chit chat.
3) Rinks must be a minimum of 2 metres apart, we shall designate which to use
4)There is no access to the pavilion, change shoes etc on bench.
We will have to keep mats, jacks and markers in our cars.
As Alan has the mats and Jeff the jacks, then can they bring to green on 16th or give to someone.
As soon as there are any changes you will be notified, meanwhile let’s all play our part in making this work so we can all enjoy some recreation.
Park Wardens will be policing us

Vets Fixtures 2021

In the event that the League cannot be commenced or completed.

If as a result of Covid the fixtures are interrupted or cancelled for some weeks, it is proposed that any remaining arranged fixtures can still be played as friendlies by mutual agreement between clubs

League Proposal for Bowls coming 2021 Season

Carmarthen County Bowling Association

Llanelli & District Bowling League

Proposals to commence playing bowls in the 2021 season

November 2020

To All Club Secretaries

cc.  League Management Committee; County Officers

It is of the utmost importance that preparations are made for the possible restart of bowling in 2021, taking into account possible restrictions that may be in force at the time. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a number of scenarios, based upon the situations that we have encountered during 2020, as it is extremely unlikely that we would see anything totally different to those that have been witnessed to date.

Llanelli League

Fixtures are not formulated overnight, therefore it is expected that any requested Open Dates are submitted in line with the current League Rules, i.e. By 1st December 2020

The Considered Scenarios are:

  1. No Government Restrictions: To commence the season in April 2021 on a basis of the 2020 fixtures however the move of Crusaders to Parc Howard will have some effect. Also, taking into account alterations made for requested Open Dates and the dates being changed to reflect the equivalent dates for 2021.
  2. Restrictions limiting groups to 30 outdoors or a 2 metre Social Distancing requirement, or both

Matches to be restricted to 3 (three) rinks of four players per side, with sufficient space between playing rinks to comply with Regulations. League points will be reduced to 12 per match.

  1. Local Lockdowns in Operation

The formulation of season long Temporary Leagues.

Reflecting the Local Lockdowns that were imposed during 2020, the probable Regional Leagues would be:

  1. Llanelli League

Brynhyfryd, Calsonic Wanderers, Crusaders, Dafen Welfare, Havelock Park, Llangennech & Bryn, Llanelli, Parc y Dre, Tumble, Ty’rfran

  1. Carmarthenshire League

Ammanford Park, Ammanford Town, Burry Port, Carmarthen, Cross Hands, Cwmaman, Kidwelly Town, Llandeilo, Tybie

  1. Swansea Area League

Blue Anchor, Gorseinon, Gowerton, Graig Merthyr, Loughor, New Lodge, Parc William, Pontarddulais

Such Leagues are dependent on what areas are included in each Local Lockdown.

If one or more Local Lockdowns are in place, contingencies may have to be in place to allow players, who, due to restrictions, cannot travel to their club, and, whilst being fully paid up members of their club, could opt to play for a club in their residential area but return to their own club at the end of any lockdown period.

A further issue relates to Tumble BC, who play on a green that would be in the Llanelli Lockdown area. This would have to be discussed at length with the club.

County Competitions

In a similar fashion to 2020, there might well be a need for entries to Individual Competitions to be made without knowing where we stand.

In the absence of a new Competition Secretary, I will issue entry forms in February 2021 with a closing date of 31st March.

Should we be able to proceed, in any form, then the draws can be made and published within days.

Please discuss the above with your Officers / Members and if any Club has a further suggestion on the way forward please send details to me as soon as possible.

In the meantime, make sure that Open Date requests are with me by 1st December 2020

Peter Dunkley

Hon. League Secretary