In light of ongoing problems with some hosting clubs not notifying the league sec of the result of their fixture. The committee recognises that this failure was adversely effecting the away team unfairly as both teams were being penalised with neither being awarded any points, the away team through no fault of their own.
The committee have discussed the best way forward and reviewed the awarding of points in these circumstances.
Regardless of the score on the day, if the sec is not updated with the result, then the away team will be awarded 6 points and 10 shots.
The offending home team will have 2pts and 10 shots deducted.
Points and shots will in the interest of fairness be added and deducted retrospectively in these circumstances.
A reminder to all, the results must be conveyed to Richard Johns by 5pm at the latest on the following day – Friday.

Martyn Henry.

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