League Proposal for Bowls coming 2021 Season

Carmarthen County Bowling Association

Llanelli & District Bowling League

Proposals to commence playing bowls in the 2021 season

November 2020

To All Club Secretaries

cc.  League Management Committee; County Officers

It is of the utmost importance that preparations are made for the possible restart of bowling in 2021, taking into account possible restrictions that may be in force at the time. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a number of scenarios, based upon the situations that we have encountered during 2020, as it is extremely unlikely that we would see anything totally different to those that have been witnessed to date.

Llanelli League

Fixtures are not formulated overnight, therefore it is expected that any requested Open Dates are submitted in line with the current League Rules, i.e. By 1st December 2020

The Considered Scenarios are:

  1. No Government Restrictions: To commence the season in April 2021 on a basis of the 2020 fixtures however the move of Crusaders to Parc Howard will have some effect. Also, taking into account alterations made for requested Open Dates and the dates being changed to reflect the equivalent dates for 2021.
  2. Restrictions limiting groups to 30 outdoors or a 2 metre Social Distancing requirement, or both

Matches to be restricted to 3 (three) rinks of four players per side, with sufficient space between playing rinks to comply with Regulations. League points will be reduced to 12 per match.

  1. Local Lockdowns in Operation

The formulation of season long Temporary Leagues.

Reflecting the Local Lockdowns that were imposed during 2020, the probable Regional Leagues would be:

  1. Llanelli League

Brynhyfryd, Calsonic Wanderers, Crusaders, Dafen Welfare, Havelock Park, Llangennech & Bryn, Llanelli, Parc y Dre, Tumble, Ty’rfran

  1. Carmarthenshire League

Ammanford Park, Ammanford Town, Burry Port, Carmarthen, Cross Hands, Cwmaman, Kidwelly Town, Llandeilo, Tybie

  1. Swansea Area League

Blue Anchor, Gorseinon, Gowerton, Graig Merthyr, Loughor, New Lodge, Parc William, Pontarddulais

Such Leagues are dependent on what areas are included in each Local Lockdown.

If one or more Local Lockdowns are in place, contingencies may have to be in place to allow players, who, due to restrictions, cannot travel to their club, and, whilst being fully paid up members of their club, could opt to play for a club in their residential area but return to their own club at the end of any lockdown period.

A further issue relates to Tumble BC, who play on a green that would be in the Llanelli Lockdown area. This would have to be discussed at length with the club.

County Competitions

In a similar fashion to 2020, there might well be a need for entries to Individual Competitions to be made without knowing where we stand.

In the absence of a new Competition Secretary, I will issue entry forms in February 2021 with a closing date of 31st March.

Should we be able to proceed, in any form, then the draws can be made and published within days.

Please discuss the above with your Officers / Members and if any Club has a further suggestion on the way forward please send details to me as soon as possible.

In the meantime, make sure that Open Date requests are with me by 1st December 2020

Peter Dunkley

Hon. League Secretary

Crusaders move to Parc Howard

A meeting will be arranged with Llanelli Town Council in the coming week to finalise arrangements.

As paperwork needs to be completed and we shall be leaving Dafen our Chairman Mel has asked me to advise everyone that we propose to amend our official title to “CRUSADERS BOWLS CLUB”

It is not possible to hold a meeting yet, so it is presumed members will approve this, however if there were numerous objections from memberswe would have to reconsider.

If the majority are content with this then I will commence the process with the League Management.

Also if any member has any personal equipment left in the Dafen Pavillion then they should make arrangements to remove it while we still have access facilities.

Should this be the case then you need to contact Jefff Richards who has the only key since the locks have been changed

Resumption of Bowls at Dafen Park

Llanelli Rural Council have advised that Bowls can be commenced from 3rd August 2020 , but under strict guidelines.

Below is the main text from the Council on the management and arrangements required.

Graham Williams <Graham.Williams@llanelli-rural.gov.uk>Attachments29 Jul 2020, 18:50 (17 hours ago)
to me, Andrew, Gareth

FAO Dafen Welfare CrusadersRef: Return to Bowls activities at Dafen Park.
Hello Lyn,As we discussed this morning LRC must have site and club specific risk assessments to be able to consider agreeing to a return to Bowls activities.
For examples of similar documents and various guides please see copies attached that include the Havelock and Peoples Park Bowls Covid safety protocol information we received from Llanelli Town Council. However if these were our facilities there are a couple of issues I would be seeking more detail and specific control measures on: 
First and most important point: I would be looking for a written risk assessment document. This would be the base document that produced the final safe activity protocol document. You can’t write a detailed safe system document without carrying out a risk assessment first. The risk assessment is a mandatory requirement for the return of all sports activities and detailed in the Welsh Government Coronavirus control measures for a phased return to sport.
If the team is proposing to use the pavillion facilities you would need to produce a robust risk assessment with control measures that mitigate the risks from Covid-19, however – generally sports activities at the moment are not permitted to use changing rooms. Any risk assessment and resulting control measures will need to include the ability to strictly and habitually manage numbers and and provide a managed and recorded regular cleaning regime for the equipment and facilities used. I’m not sure that “last one to leave” cleans down the switches, door handles and locks is satisfactory as a control measure and if the pavillion facilities are to be used at all a managed enhanced cleaning regime is essential.I have attached an example of a hall risk assessment. I realise this isn’t a hall facility but it is a community facility and the closest we have at the moment because nobody is using changing facilities. I’ve also attached for reference Dafen Cricket club and Pwll soccer club assessment for their return to play and various other documents for reference. I have also included a blank risk assessment document that you could use as a template.


Graham Williams miccm(dip)

Technical & Burial Services Manager

Mobile: 07989439858

Cyngor Gwledig Llanelli Rural Council, Vauxhall Buildings

Vauxhall, Llanelli SA15 3BD     Tel: 01554 773710 / 774103

Besides our responsibilities on the Green itself they are particularly concerned about entry/exit of the changing rooms and the control of hard surfaces, door handles, light switches and equipment.

If as a club we wish to commence Bowls we would need to provide a risk assesment in conjunction with Dafen Bowls Club stating what arrangements are in place to manage and contain such risks.

In view of there being only 4-5 weeks left of the season is there still an apetite from a significant number of members to go down that route as some have already written off this year.

If so , someone from those who would wish to play will have to take responsibility for our club and provide the relevant risk assesment together with the terms under which we would manage the situation.

If anyone is planning on going ahead I do have a template of those used by Parc Y Dre and Havelock.

Bear in mind this would have to be aligned with anything Dafen Bowls may be proposing.

Any further information you require can be obtained from Lyn Rees 07780319760

Crusaders Singles and Pairs Competitions for 2020

Just to update everyone on the latest situation and proposal.

As you are now aware League Fixtures have been cancelled for the season however we are still hoping to have some Bowls and organise our Club Competition.

Mel is going to be talking to Dafen Welfare to get things moving on using the green.

We are hopeful of arranging time/days for sharing use of the Green by using just three rinks at any one time to maintain social distances, with only singles Play allowed firstly, moving to pairs when guidelines allow us to mix in greater numbers in the weeks ahead.

In order to prepare for the Club Competitions can you please let me have your names if you wish to participate in either by 30th June latest.

We propose to commence with and complete just the Singles first, but hopefully we will get to the Pairs Later.

AS stated all will be dependant on gaining access to the Green at Dafen

League Fixtures Cancelled for 2020 season

Below is the formal notification that there will be no League Bowls this season.

league@carmarthencountybowling.org.uk11:55 (6 hours ago)
to Brynhyfryd, Burry, Llandeilo, Parc, Loughor, Parc, Graig, Ammanford, Ammanford, Gowerton, Cross, Pontarddulais, Blue, Carmarthen, Geoff, Llangennech, New, Ty’rfran, Kidwelly, Cwmaman, Dafen, me, Gorseinon, Havelock, Tybie, Pontarddulais, alangbowen

Following discussions over the past few months with the County Secretary, we had reached an unofficial agreement that, should restrictions have been lifted sufficiently to allow some sort of League programme, by July 1st 2020, then those Clubs that wished to participate would take part in organised matches.

Following recent guidance from The Welsh Assembly Government, Bowls Wales and the WBA regarding the reopening of Bowling Greens from this Monday and the continued restrictions on numbers and social distancing, it is quite clear that any type of League programme is not possible.

We have also taken into account views expressed by individual clubs, during lockdown.
The League Management Committee has met, by e-mail, and recommends that the 2020 be officially abandoned.

Please respond with your agreement, or disagreement, as this is a decision that should be made by the Clubs.

Once a majority is received the County / League Website will reflect the decision

A separate e-mail will be sent to club secretaries who had made entries to the County Competitions

Peter Dunkley
League Secretary


The Crusaders have been saddened to learn of the death of one of their players. HERBIE MORGAN.

HERBIE was taken ill recently and has sadly passed away.

Sincere condolences to Herbie’s family and friends at this very difficult time.

County Bowls Draws

The draws have been made for The County Bowls Competitions.

The matches involving players from our club are :


Clive Coles v Stuart Jones ( Graig Merthyr)

Greg Davies v Kevin Cousins ( Kidwelly)


David Lloyd Bye

Josh Hancock ( Carmarthen) v Jeff Richards


Mark Davies ( Kidwelly) v Jeff Richards

Clive Coles Bye


Jeff Richards v Huw Thomas ( Graig Merthyr)

Clive Coles v Colin Davies ( Carmarthen)


Jeff Richards v Huw Thomas ( Graig Merthyr)

Clive Coles v Colin Davies ( Carmarthen)


Jeff Richards v Keb Power ( Ammanford Park)

Bryan Kingdon ( Parc y Dre) v Clive Coles


Clive Coles v Jeff Richards


Jeff Richards Bye

Clive Coles v John Phillips ( Gorseinon)

Dates of all the games are to be advised in due course.

The Full draw can be found on the Carmarthenshire County Bowls website. www.carmarthencountybowling.org.uk

WBA Competition Entries



2020 Competitions

To date the following members have submitted entries for the WBA competitions this year

Singles  Greg Davies,    Clive Coles

Over 55 Singles              Clive Coles

Open Pairs     David Lloyd/Alan Jones,   Clive Coles/squad member

Over 55 Pairs    Clive Cole/squad member

Triples/Over 55  Clive Coles/squad members

Fours/Over 55’s  Clive Coles/squad members

Clive Coles squad members – /From the following for various matches:

Dai Lloyd/Alan Jones/Eldon Phillips/Wyn Griffiths/Lyn Reees

Please remember latest date I can receive entries in together with the apprpriate fees is 17th February 2020